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Artist Interviews
Traditional documentary setup with beautiful 3-point tungsten lighting, and wireless lav mics for top quality sound. I've shot interviews with many big artists, including Mick Fleetwood, Ozzy Osbourne, Kirk Hammett, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato.

Movie and Soundtrack Featurettes
I've shot interviews with numerous composers and directors in recording studios and scoring sessions. Sound bites often become the backbone of these projects. Featurettes can also be created from existing elements, including trailers, poster art, production photos, in-studio or orchestra b-roll, and music from the soundtrack. 


Corporate Presentations & Sizzle Reels
Corporate clients and sales teams often need fast paced highlights edited together for big presentations, displaying text and info quickly and efficiently, without losing the rhythm and timing of the music track. I've done work for many popular brands including Bud Light, 7UP, Kellogg's Pop Tarts, Citi, and Honda.


Album Promos & TV Spots
Typically promos are built by animating existing cover art, photos and videos. A spot can often be like a spin at radio and the focus should be the hook of the track, with little or no voiceover. Delivery for broadcast requires adhering to technical specs that continue to evolve. I have many years of experience working with media buyers and broadcast networks.

YouTube Pre-roll Ads
More and more clients are using YouTube ads to surgically target their audience. Ads can be built by animating existing artwork and photos, adding music, copy and a voiceover if necessary.

Auto-play Promos
Auto-play video has exploded on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The goal is to craft videos that  are quick and compelling, with large, readable, dynamic text that communicates the message in under 15 seconds.

Event Videography & Convention Wrap-ups
I specialize in shooting footage and photos of the hype surrounding a product activation, convention appearance or industry announcement. I can also edit existing footage and photos to capture the excitement surrounding an event, and deliver an edit that communicates excitement.

Product Demo
When shooting a product demo for a musical instrument, the instrument is the star. I like to shoot a lot of close-ups and shallow depth-of-field coverage, highlighting the beauty of the instrument as well as the features and functionality.

Live Performances
Whether capturing live performances with multiple cameras, or shooting stylistic slo-mo with a focus on the "big rock moments", I have years of experience navigating venues and shooting around live audiences.

Music Video
A music video can be a direct collaboration with the artist and ultimately becomes a part of that artists official legacy. I take that responsibility very seriously, executing simple, low-budget concepts that appeal to the fans.

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